Thursday, 30 August 2018

What I did in the holidays - Writing Prompt #8

It's that time of year when children all over Britain are getting ready to go back to school after the long 'hot' summer holidays. Our creative writing group is no different; excited members are probably packing pens and notebooks into their bags as we speak, eager to be writing and sharing their poems and stories once again... 😄

But for those of you who cannot wait until this evening, here's a few little exercises to get your teeth into. Write 250 words on any of the following:

1. What I did in the holidays ... and will never do again.
2. The parcel for my neighbour ... which I accidentally on purpose opened.
3. How I overcame boredom ... and ended up on national TV.
4. A day out with my metal detector ... and how it changed a life.
5. The surprise party ... and the even more surprising present.

Nobody was more surprised than Paddy,
when Sandra turned up in exactly the same outfit.

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