Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Write a premise - Writing Prompt #7

The premise is the foundation of your story, a short synopsis of the plot, a statement of intent. 

Your premise needs to contain three things:  the protagonist, the setting, and the crisis/conflict the protagonist is approaching. It should be the thing that makes other people want to read your story, so ideally will also contain an emotional hook. EG Charlie, the three-legged dog, needs to get home to his owner, but the river has flooded and Charlie cannot swim...

A premise is a useful thing to have BEFORE you write a story, because when you get lost (and you invariably will), it's a little reminder of where you started and where you wanted your story to go.

  • Just for fun, try writing 10 potential titles for books you’d like to write. 
  • Now, choose 3 of those titles and write a premise for each book. 
... and then Charlie learned to swim and lived happily ever after.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Meditation on my Emptiness

An emptiness waits for me in the light
For I have been so filled
This gift of emptiness reminds me
Not to hurry from the days of sharing and delight
Into the rote and rhythm of the every day.
I realise the emptiness is not empty
It overflows, with an abundance of memory and joy
It is an emptiness into which I can pour
The full vessel of my emotions
Love and loss,
Love and hope,
Love and beginning,
Love and ending,
Love and……
And then tomorrow, and tomorrow
Can come as they will come
And winds of change will blow
There will be highs and lows
But here, now, I will hold this precious emptiness
In the light
That is ever blessed and ever blessing.

Celia Cartwright © 6/7/18
South Lakes Writers