Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Poetry Starter - Writing Prompt #4

Here's a quick poetry starter exercise for you.
Using a one-word start, create a list of connected words -- words you associate with the start word. 
Now add a few additional words to turn your list into a poem.
Don’t deliberate ... try to work quickly and intuitively.

Jess started with the word – Wood, added 22 more words to her list, and then wrote this poem.

  In the wood,
  Bare tree branches
  Are sprouting catkins.
  A heron flies
  Suddenly past ash,
  Whilst a wagtail
  Hops between
  Primroses and anemones.
  Below green buds
  Bluebells line a pathway
  Which leads to a
  Waterfall, with
  Tumbling water,
  Roaring over stones
  In white bursts of surf,
  With Kingfisher above
  Baring bright colours
  Flashing past.


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