Monday, 30 April 2018

Loosen up your creative muscle

As a warm-up exercise each week we pick a random word and write for ten minutes about anything that comes into our heads related to that word. It’s an exercise in loosening the creative muscle. Sometimes we end up with gibberish, and sometimes we end up with something unexpected – a story, a poem, or a memory about something specific.

This week, Dorothy was inspired by the word TABLE and wrote this...

Dorothy's table
I would love to sit at the table to have tea with my son, but he never wants tea downstairs, never mind a table! However, about three years ago, when I came home from work, he told me to shut my eyes.

I thought, ‘Help! What's going to happen?’

He said, "Open them now!" and to my surprise, there was the most beautiful rainbow glass coffee table placed in the middle of the lounge floor.

“Wow!” I said, “this is truly amazing, Son. A million thanks...”

You see, I have wanted a rainbow table for years, and he always said,  "Don't be so flippin’ weird, Mum." So you can imagine how blessed I felt, to know he'd remembered. The thing was, it came just after the heartbreak of losing my mum. He thought it would make me smile again. It sure did. I asked him how on earth did he manage to find such a perfect rainbow table.

“Mr Google, of course,” he said.

It still has pride place in our lounge. On the table there are always candles burning – I love my scented candles – a glass of red wine, a book, and always a notebook of some sort, and pens and pencils. When I got it he did say I wasn't allowed to clutter it, but he approves because in my house he knows there are always notebooks and pens on tables, chairs and even the floor.

I just adore my rainbow table. A few friends, and even my landlord, have nearly fallen over it. But I always say, “Breaka my table, and I breaka yir jaw!" Ha ha!

I guess it's been my favourite table of all time.


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