Tuesday, 24 April 2018

D was once a doddery dodo

This week, one of our writing games was inspired by Edward Lear's alphabet poem, 'A was once an apple pie...' We each picked a few letters of the alphabet and created our own mini versions of the poem.

We really liked this one from Elspeth, and she has bravely agreed to be the first group member to go public. 

D was once a doddery dodo,
Dafty, downy don't know how do,
Did it die, too dim, no know how?
Dash it all it didn't have to,

Dodo, don't go, long gone dodo.    


  1. Absolutly fab xxx so happy to be part of this creative writing group 😉😍😎

    1. And we're happy you're part of it too! x


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