Thursday, 8 March 2018

Pocket Writing Prompt #1

Here's an idea to get you thinking about character, inspired by Ian McMillan's wonderful poem, 
Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket ... 

A dark night. 
Some words that nobody could ever spell. 
A glass of water full to the top. 
A large elephant. 
A vest made from spider’s webs. 
A handkerchief the size of a car park. 
A bill from the wand shop. 
A bucket full of stars and planets, to mix with the dark night. 
A bag of magic mints you can suck forever. 
A snoring rabbit.

When we read this poem, we get a real sense of the wizard's magical power and some insight into his personality. 

"You should see what else I found in here..."
Now, imagine a character of your own. Maybe it's a character you are already familiar with, either real or fictitious. Or maybe this is a new character; someone you don't know very much about yet. Either way, spend a few minutes jotting down some notes about them and when you think you know them, write your own poem or story of ten things you might find in your character’s pocket.

Did you learn anything new about your character? 

If you want to post your poem or story below, we would love to read it. 

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