Saturday, 17 March 2018

Speaking of anthropomorphism... Writing Prompt #2

"I love you, Bucket."
Here's a fun exercise to get you thinking about dialogue.

  • Write down the names of a dozen household objects (e.g. corkscrew, saucepan, broom, key, rug) on different pieces of paper and put them in a container of some sort. 
  • Take two out – at random – and imagine these two objects are having a conversation. 
  • You are going to have to think about the kind of conversation they are having. Is it an argument? Are they in love? Is it educational or instructive? Is one object admonishing the other? ... you choose. Jot down some ideas.
  • Write your dialogue as talking heads – using only he said/she said and no context. This is to get you thinking about the character of your objects. Use only the language, words, and expressions your object/character might use.
  • When you are happy with the words your objects are saying, fill in the context - i.e. setting, speech tags, thoughts, etc, and anything else to make this exchange real.
  • "And I love you too...
    but don't expect me to
    clean up your mess again."
  • Feel free to share your conversation below. 


  1. Great exercise thank you

    1. Glad you like it. Thanks for the support. :)

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